YourRehabCrae Ltd offers solutions and support to increase the independence of physically challenged or elderly people, and to enable them to live an active life on their terms as well as to facilitate work for their care providers and family. We offer curved and straight stairlifts, 

Our view on Sustainability

Sustainability is an integrated part of YourRehabCare way of working. Our products and solutions reduce strain injuries among caregivers and our stairlifts make it possible for people to live at home for longer. Additional the quality of life for the physically challenged and enable them to live an active life.


we are committed to making everyday life easier for seniors and persons with disabilities. This includes empowering active lifestyles – on your own terms – which is why we provide well-designed solutions that help increase independence while being easy and safe to use.


Committed to providing innovative products that promote independence. we are constantly seeking for solutions and technologies that fit the many needs of our users who are looking for a safe and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down the stairs.

If you have impaired mobility, a stairlift may be the perfect solution for you, providing access to the different levels within your home while also allowing you to maintain your independence. With a variety of lift, feature and color options, we’re able to ensure a match that meets your needs.