Popular questions about stairlifts

If you are thinking about having a stairlift you may have some questions, this section is designed to answer some of the most popular questions people have about stairlifts.


For many people making the decision to have a stairlift installed can be a daunting one. We have answered a few of the more common questions below. If you have further questions your Authorized Handicare Stairlifts supplier will be happy to answer these, no matter how small. Don’t worry, it is unlikely you will be the first person to ask!

Your new stairlift will be fitted to your staircase, not your wall so in most cases the answer will be no.
In some instances you may need to have a handrail moved or a window ledge reduced in order to avoid clashes with you new stairlift, in which case some minor re-decoration may be needed after the lift is installed.

The complexity of your stairlift will determine how long it takes to fit your lift, however most lifts will only take between two to four hours to install.

There’s no need to worry. Your Handicare stairlift is operated by batteries; these re-charge when your Stairlift is left on a charge point. This means your stairlift will continue to work if the power supply is interrupted for a limited number of trips. The Simplicity Series stairlifts will charge wherever they are left on the track.

Audible and visual signals will alert you that your lift is not on a charge point. The power supply to the stairlift should remain switched on at all times. If stairlift batteries are allowed to go completely dead they may need to be replaced.

Your stairlift can be removed and refitted to allow for the laying of new carpets. Many stairlift suppliers offer removal and re-installation services.

This will depend on which lift you order. Handicare understands the difference a stairlift can make to your quality of life which is why we offer the shortest market lead times possible.

Handicare offers a range of stairlift systems, all of which are detailed in our stairlifts guide.
Your local authorized Handicare dealer will be able to conduct both a survey of your staircase and assess your needs to help you identify which system is right for you.
Handicare works in partnerships with a worldwide network of medical, accessibility, mobility and elevator dealers. We are happy to ask your local authorized dealer to get in touch to answer any questions you may have regarding our products.